Houston, we are live… Or, rather, discovered

While thinking about what my minimum viable product would be and how much stuff I could add before having my little mapping project presentable to the general community, the nice guys at “OSM Blog” discovered my project.

I guess it might be something between my changes to the OSM wiki, creating a tiny page for the map over there, contributing taginfo metadata for my project, and a few other things, but in the end, they took the burden of decing when to do the annoucement from my shoulders.

Here is the link: Wochennotiz Nr. 299 / Karten

Thank you, guys 🙂

The POIs are on OSM, not google

Malenki found an error on my javascript where the scripts would be broken if google.com is disabled via noscript. Thanks to his good bug report with screen shots of his NoScript settings, I was able to fix the offending Javascript part.

Good thing is: Now, if one disables google.com via NoScript, the offending base layers are not offered for selection.

Things to learn from this: Better test your website with noscript too, even if 95% of its functionality really requires Javascript. You never know where some errors might come from 🙂