How I stopped worrying about “when can I release this?”

This project started up somewhen 2014, and after a long hiatus, I started earnestly hacking at it about one month ago. This automatically leads to the question when it would be good enough so I can show it to others and stop adoring the nice maps all by my lonesome.

Translated in managementy speak, when would I have achieved the “minimum viable product“?

A few days ago, thinking about using Trello for keeping my various trains of thought in some semblance of order, I read a blog entry written by Kevan Lee about managing time for the fifteen billion little side projects every one of us seems to have. The main point to take away from it?

“Never Set A Deadline”

“Over time, I’ve found that advice for side projects isn’t always the same as advice for regular ol’ daily work. In fact, a lot of the time it’s the opposite!

Side projects are a very different animal than traditional work”

At long last, someone who speaks from the core of my heart 🙂

7 thoughts to “How I stopped worrying about “when can I release this?””

  1. Hi Malenki,

    If you have the developer tools switched on, I would love to see the HTTP traffic in your debug log. The main reason why you should not see any POIs should be that you do not allow Ajax request from

    I will try to recreate your setup. As far as I understand you, you seem to have disabled Javascript for, right?


  2. I temporarily allowed to look at it. Usually I have allowed, too. With enabled the POI showed, with disabled they didn’t.

    I hope this is the right kind of log?:
    If not, please give detailed instructions how to get the log you want.

    Reproducing the described behavior is easy:
    get a new Firefox profile
    install NoScript
    Look at your site with Google allowed (POI show)/forbidden (POI don’t show).

    1. Thank your for your help, I actually found the problem. To be helpful to non-OSM users, I allow to use Google as a base layer (as many many other map sites do).

      Unfortunately, if you disallow scripts from, the leaflet layer provider fails silently, but in the process stops all other Javascript on the page from working.

      I am working on a fix for this at the moment, hopefully I should have something within the hour. If I am not successful with that, I will simply disable the offending base layers 🙂

    1. Thanks for the fix.
      I updated the Wochennotiz entry regardingly.

      (btw: I wrote about the issue here since your “contact” only has a submit form but no mail address. And I like to have stuff in the open as much as possible anyway 🙂 )

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