Aaaaaand, live again…

Unfortunately not in time for the SOTM, but as of yesterday the map is alive again and ready for some inspired hacking.

Things to learn:

  • Puppetizing 90% of my setup was crucial in getting my setup running on a new box again.
  • The missing 10% prevented a smooth restart. I might even have been able to get everything working in the morning before the first talks.
  • As with everthing in IT, getting near 100% is time-consuming as hell.
  • Backups. Backups. Backups. Can’t say how happy I was that my system were periodically backed up, including automated wordpress extracts and mysql database dumps.

Now, back to hacking on some new features 🙂

Broken, just at the worst possible moment

Just as I was doing the final preparations for my travel to Brussels, and maybe presenting the mosques map to some interested parties, I discovered that the backend is broken, and maybe was even broken for many days.

Shame on me, especially because at my day job, I consult people about resilient applications and the importance of monitoring and yadda yadda yadda.

Long story short, I need to spend the night in the hotel fixing stuff, and coming up with a way to show sorry pages if this should happen again…

Again, shame on me 😥